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    Selecting Products to Suit Your Needs 


Nowadays the market offers numerous choices for customers. Cost effectiveness is important when choosing a supplier/manufacturer, and customers require high quality at good price.Ambertonas UAB offers you to form a wide assortment of products with your own label. We can prepare excellent offers based on customer needs’ analyses and experience of dealing with various customers. We are flexible and open to any special wishes of our customers (with respect to product ingredients, colour, fragrance, packaging etc.).



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     Label and Packaging Design


For your convenience, Ambertonas UAB offers also:
  • product label and packaging design services;
  • solutions for specific packaging and stickers;
  • production, packaging and preparation for shipment services.
 A cost-effective offer to the customer and a high-quality product at a good price are priorities for Ambertonas UAB.